October 2015 Meeting: Garrett Lee

Confessions of a Luthier
A professional luthier wears many hats: craftsman, businessman, acoustician, engineer, musician, research scientist, and sometimes psychotherapist to the player. Join luthier Garrett Lee for an inside look into the world of classical guitar building as a career. Having observed hundreds and hundreds of guitarists play an equally large number of different guitars, Gary has had the unique opportunity to observe how different guitarists interact with their instruments. What are concert players really looking for in a guitar? How does one start building guitars and what does it take to do it professionally? Where do you get all that wood? What is the hardest part about building guitars and is it really possible to control such a complex system? Learn the answers to these questions and more through a different perspective on the world of classical guitar.

The presentation will be followed by our Open Mic. Sign up in advance to play — see the Member Events page for details. NYCCGS Member Events are free and open to all members and first-time guests, and are supported by a generous grant from the D’Addario Foundation.

Thursday, October 1, 7:00 PM

Manhattan Theatre Club Creative Center
311 West 43rd Street, 8th floor, between 8th and 9th Ave. (map)
New York City

Based in Wayne, New Jersey, Garrett Lee has been building classical guitars since 1999. Originally trained as a research scientist in biochemistry, he transitioned to full-time lutherie in 2007. His primary interests are in controlling sound and response by manipulating structure and creating instruments that are expressive tools for the player. Gary specializes in classical guitars that incorporate traditional approaches with modern materials and design, such as honeycomb sandwich soundboards and adjustable action necks. He handcrafts approximately ten concert guitars a year which are in demand by some of today’s top concert artists.