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Thank you for supporting the NYCCGS

The holidays are a time to remember and celebrate what’s closest to our hearts, and for many of us, music is a big part of that. I hope that in the past year the New York City Classical Guitar Society has made a difference in your life, whether it’s through our world-class concerts, our meetings and presentations, or our guitar orchestra.

I think you’ll agree that the NYCCGS is an important part of our vibrant guitar community here in New York. And we’re also unique — a place where amateurs, professionals, students, and enthusiasts can come together, share, and learn on equal ground. In this spirit, we’ve made it part of our mission to keep membership fees and ticket prices at levels that are affordable to all. To make this possible, we depend on additional support, and we hope that you will remember the NYCCGS in your year-end giving. You can donate online, using the links above, or, if you prefer, send a check made payable to “NYCCGS” to the address below.

All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Thank you for your support, and best wishes for the season and the new year.

John Olson

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