October 2020 Online Meeting: Ben Verdery

Thursday, October 8, 2020, at 7:00 PM

Online Zoom meeting

How Ferdinando Carulli’s The Storm Changed My Life
The Love Of Nice and Fileno/The Storm is a 14-minute programmatic solo guitar work by the 19th-century guitarist/composer Ferdinando Carulli. Ben Verdery will present a lecture about why this piece was so healing for him to learn during the early days of the Covid lockdown. He will discuss Carulli’s life, talk in detail about his interpretation, demonstrate the various inventive guitar techniques in the work and finish by playing his new recording of this unusual colorful piece.

The presentation will be followed by our Open Mic. Sign up in advance to play — see the Member Events page for details. NYCCGS Member Events are free and open to all members and first-time guests.

Please join us for our next online Guitar Society meeting. The meeting will feature a presentation by Ben Verdery, followed by our Open Mic.

To play in the Members’ Open Mic, sign up in advance at https://nyccgs.com/open-mic-performance-signup/. Maximum playing time is 8 minutes per person. Performances at our online meetings can be either live or via prerecorded video.

To join the meeting, click this link. If you don’t already have Zoom software installed, visit the link anytime in advance of the meeting. You will be prompted to download the software that will enable you to join in the meeting by audio and video.